Top Project


“ Sunny days ahead for Reaxis B.V.”
JumpStarting is proud to work with Reaxis Inc to set-up their European branche in Amsterdam (Zuid-as), The Netherlands.
Being closer to their european customers, it will be easier to work together with their customers on solving problems with their high environmental standards and qualified people and accomplish their mission. JumpStarting helps the Reaxis management in this proces of finding the right services, people and business-partners. Saving both time and money!

Reaxis is a supplier of specialty chemicals for innovative solutions with customers in a wide range of industries ( BASF, DOW Chemicals, L’Oreal, DSM etc.). Formerly owned by Goldschmidt AG in Essen (now part of Evonik AG) and based in Pennsylvania USA.

Even with global experience and European “roots”, the company profits from having a local consultant and external counselor who keeps track of the complex first steps abroad.